The Pursuit of Happiness

A Bold New Normal

I keep seeing people affected by #hurricaneflorence saying stuff like “When things get back to normal” …

I don’t believe they will. “Getting back to” somewhere you’ve been is seldom possible after you’ve experienced trauma, growth, or joy. Not only is it not possible, it’s not desirable.

You don’t have a baby and then “go back to normal”. You don’t go to a big personal development conference and go back to normal. You don’t train (gym, sports, martial arts) and stay the same.

Likewise, when something terrible or traumatic happens, you don’t experience all that fear and loss and heartache and go “back to normal”. It can’t be done. Regardless of how the hurricane left you and your family and your home and possessions, you are forever changed.

You can’t go back, so go forward: You and your family will develop a new normal.

New habits, new routines, new faces, new places. A new awareness of inner strength will grow. You’ll develop a new awareness of places you need to shore up, both internally and externally. You’ll make decisions differently. You’ll be quicker to step up and help people in need. You’ll evaluate what’s truly important by a whole new grid. You’ll love more completely than ever before.

So sit for a moment and think … what was working in your life before? What was broken? What needed to be grown, and what needed to be discarded? Refuse to try to make it exactly like it was before … use this time as an opportunity to make it better!

Don’t try to “go back” … go forward into a bold new “normal’.

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