Essential Oils

Essential Oils change lives.

They’re a powerful wellness tool that every single person on the planet can, and should, have in their toolbox. With a box of oils and a good reference guide, you can confidently handle all of life’s little emergencies. You can confidently deal with life’s bigger emergencies, too.

Empowered health care saves you time, money, energy, and most importantly, your health. Because oils are extremely powerful, yet have few (if any) side effects, they should be the first of defense for your family.

We trust dōTERRA oils because they are truly the best. Purity, potency, sourcing, ethics, and empowerment are equally important in making that decision. It’s simply impossible to beat dōTERRA in any of those areas. Most companies don’t even try; they just bottle oils with known additives and impurities. We also trust doTERRA’s integrity with their other products, and enjoy a number of nutritional, bath & body, home, and spa products as well.

We use a lot of oils for a lot of purposes, but here are a few of our favourites for overall wellness, fitness, and weight:

#1 – Frankincense. It’s called the King of Oils because it’s truly all-purpose. It helps you to have a normal and healthy inflammatory response, which is important with autoimmune conditions, exercise, stress, and more!

#2 – Deep Blue. We use both the topical rub and the Touch roller. Aches, pains, pulled muscles, and even pre-workout to increase the ability to stretch and move comfortably. It’s amazing!

#3 – Breathe. We use it pre-workout to increase oxygenation, and we use it to help calm anxious feelings throughout the day.

#4 – Lifelong Vitality and TerraZyme. This is doTERRA’s nutritional trio plus enzymes. I wouldn’t live without them (you’re not only what you eat, you’re what you digest and absorb)!

#5 – Elevation. This oil helps so much with stress and overwhelm.

#6 – On Guard. This blend boosts your immune system and cleans surfaces brilliantly. Plus it smells AMAZING.

#7 – Slim & Sassy. For maintaining a healthy metabolism, balancing blood sugars, and getting to a healthy weight, this oil will help!

We help people get oils and get empowered with oils usage and (if they choose) with an oils business of their own!

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