Not Doing So Well on AIP?

If you’re not doing well on the AIP Diet, the solution is not to give up on doing AIP. The Auto-Immune Protocol WILL work for most people.

The good folks at Dr. K News have a great article on the subject.

Learn all about the reasons why AIP might not SEEM to work for you … but those signs may mean it’s working incredibly well! These reasons include things like low blood sugar, yeast die-off, fiber, opioid withdrawal (yes, that sounds crazy, but ceasing consumption of gluten can cause that!), changes in fiber consumption, and more.

Don’t give up! If your symptoms are intolerable, get a medical check-up to rule out anything serious, and shift into a slightly lower gear for a week or two. Then ramp back up to strict AIP.

I will tell you from experience, one of the #1 reasons people fail on the AIP diet is not having real food READY for “those moments” … either you’re on the road and there’s nothing available in a small town (that was me, today) or you’re just feeling snacky and there’s nothing to eat.

Here are a few GREAT AIP and AIP-friendly snacks for you to try!

Epic Bars are an “almost-AIP” snack or on the road meal for me. They do contain a wee bit of cane sugar, but the fact that it’s real meat, real berries, and portable makes up for it.
Cassava Chips are truly a game-changer. Just the right crunch and flavour. I don’t miss “tater chips” at all.
If you’ve just GOT TO have something sweet, these dried figs will meet you at that point of desperation and keep you happy. Limit yourself

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