The Health of America

The American body has been sick for some time. We are seeing that the outcome of too much bad food & being a couch potato resulted in apathy, which allowed the media and elements of the government to seize control, and now we must understand this:

When the body is sick, every opportunistic infection attacks it.

Also when the body is sick for a long time, there is a resistance to doing anything about it. It’s easier to continue the slide down than it is to struggle one’s way back.

Covid is a symptom. Super-controlling government is a symptom. Socialism is a symptom. TDS is a symptom. Mask wars are a symptom. Antifa is a symptom. “Race Riots” are a symptom. Boogaloo is a symptom. Bail reform and justice reform are symptoms. Chinese seeds in the mail are a symptom. Islamization is a symptom. Defund the police is a symptom.

If America were a human being, she would weigh 400 pounds, have diabetes, liver and kidney failure, vision loss, neuropathy, intestinal parasites, and need a quadruple bypass.

Fortunately, the cure is pretty simple. There’s actually a medicine for this.

It’s called the Constitution.

Just like eating healthy food, getting exercise, taking vitamins, and addressing medical issues will restore health, taking the Constitution will restore health to America.

We must defend the body against disease and decay.
We must defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Who’s with me?

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