Two Absolutely Essential Steps To Overcoming Addiction & Taking Your Life Back

I don’t think we have an “opioid epidemic”. That’s a symptom, not the disease (and it’s one of many symptoms – it’s not just narcotics, it’s cocaine, methamphetamine, molly, spice, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, sex addiction) 

Underlying the outward expression is a broken brain chemical system and a body crying out for the right levels of things like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins.

Addiction fuels shifts in those chemicals. Sometimes that’s positive (a “runner’s high” for example). A healthy person will enjoy the temporary glow from exercise or an alcoholic drink or two, and then will go on because their “base” brain chemical rate is normal. An unhealthy person will seek out those shifts in greater and greater intensity. 

So what causes the chemical imbalance to begin with? 

Some would say lack of sleep plays a role (but what causes that) or stress/adrenal fatigue (but what causes that) or just faulty wiring (but what causes that). Many say it’s a bad upbringing or general lack of taking self-responsibility. Those are often factors but aren’t the ROOT cause.

So what is underlying it all and fueling this monster? I believe there are two things.

A: nutrition
B: trauma (often but not always childhood) that has not been dealt with in a healthy way.

Dealing with those two issues, in that order, will have a ripple effect through the body and brain.

“WAIT … is Miss Kay saying that all addicts need to do is eat better and get counseling?”

Mmmmmmmmm … yes. They may need more, but they certainly don’t need less.

“Is that a peer-reviewed clinical research study funded by taxpayers that makes a pharmaceutical company rich?”

Mmmmmmmmm … no.

It is, however, common sense.

Consider the foods most people eat – especially people with addictions. Food that comes in packages. Food that lacks nutritional value. Food full of round-up and pesticides. Food full of high fructose corn syrup. Fast food. Soda.

How can the body possibly do the right things when it’s fed a diet of total crap? It’s sort of like pouring sewage into a car’s gas tank and expecting it to take you where you need to go.

So yes, I am saying that eating simple, nutritious, and balanced meats, veggies, fruits, and starches and taking a GOOD multivitamin/omega/building block like Lifelong Vitality will immediately help most people to function better. Physical pain decreases, brain fog lifts, energy increases. Simple!

Every single person I know who has wrestled with addiction has a significant trauma in their past – death, divorce, bullying, a fire or natural disaster, abandonment, abuse, rape.

Healing the heart and soul is a multifaceted approach. I don’t believe one should address trauma without addressing nutrition FIRST, because healing trauma requires both energy and clarity.

Trauma healing requires a multifaceted approach – spirituality, counseling, prayer ministry of some sort, essential oils like Copaiba and targeted oils for adrenals and emotions, and learning self-care and stress management techniques are all crucial. It’s important to remember that this is a process and won’t happen overnight!

As the body heals, the brain chemistry will start to re-set. There is of course an element of choice in addiction recovery – an addict who wants to stay an addict will stay an addict until they’re done and decide to live differently. That said, I believe that decision is way harder to make if the brain chemistry is constantly being tinkered with by chemicals in the food.

Agree? Disagree? Tried it? Post in the comments.

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