Why I disappeared from Facebook (and you might, too)

If you’re a patriot, your Facebook account is in danger. BACK IT UP NOW. 

You’ve probably heard that conservative voices are being silenced. I thought Facebook was mainly targeting big conservatives like Candace Owens. I was surprised to discover they’re also targeting people like me. 

Why me? I had nearly 5000 friends & followers and had fantastic engagement. I’m white. I’m a grandma. I’m a conservative. I’m right-wing. I’m pro-life. I believe in law and order. I oppose Black Lives Matter and antifa. I’m a 3% member. I’m pro-trump. MAGA. I’m not really a Q person but sometimes the Q people say stuff that really makes sense. 

So, take your pick. 

Given that hundreds of members of 3UPNC and thousands of other 3 percenters lost their accounts too, along with thousands of Oathkeepers and similar militia and militia-ready groups, I’d say that the conviction that liberty is important and it’s up to the people to maintain our rights is a BIG PROBLEM to Facebook. 

Let that sink in: Mark Zuckerberg abhors America and the concept of liberty. 

Mark Zuckerberg has furthered the lie that 3% groups are “white nationalists” and even terrorists. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are patriots who believe that all lives matter. We are defensive, not offensive. We oppose terrorists like antifa and black lives matter (who, incidentally, still have THEIR facebook accounts). 

What’s the solution? It’s time to get off Facebook in droves. Let them drown in lost ad revenue. 

There’s some alternatives – MeWe, Wimkin, Parler, etc. Many groups, like 3UPNC, are also building websites with forums. I’m currently working on where to leverage my time for our businesses (Living The Essential Life, Cape Fear Bail Bonds, and The Real Santa. 

It’s also time to enjoin a class action lawsuit against Facebook. It’s hard to estimate how much money I’ll lose, but more importantly than money, I’ve lost contact with thousands of family and friends, and I’ve lost influence with followers. My voice is important in the fight for America. So is yours. 

I’m currently seeking an attorney to represent us. Are you with me? Or are you an attorney interested in taking the case? Contact me! 

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